Feature List

Better Hospital Management
with EagleHMS

Dashboard with Reporting tools

View all the doctors, patients, nurses, pharmacists, laboratorists, accountants, payments, operation reports, birth reports, death reports and settings at a glance

OPD and IPD Management(Out Patient and In Patient Department)

EagleHMS helps you prepare OPD and IPD case papers for patients.This module also has a unique feature to view history of the visits which helps doctors to recollect the details of the OPD visit.


Get all the information of the patients, doctors, departments and activities of the Hospital.Manage patient record and appointments in real time.

Discharge and Billing

Patient's discharge summary with detailed test reports. Reports include medical history,diagnosis ,drug prescriptions.Manage billing operations for patients.Charge patients for different services such as lab tests, medicines supplied, consulting fees etc.


Doctors can view the entire medical history of a particular patient. Details like medicines prescribed, general medical records, previous consultations are all available to the doctor.All appointments of logged in doctor and notices can be viewed in the calendar.

Record Search

A fast search module specially designed to pull out the requested and relevant record in no time.

Nurse: Nursing Station

This module captures details of nursing assessment done by nurses.It gives a comprehensive view of total beds occupied with patient details.Nurses can glance at patient's record and activities performed with necessary clinical details.

Radiology Management

Manage the support staff.Keep a tab on the assigned tasks of the staff in the hospital.


This simplifies the drug dispensing process.Track the drug inventory and generate online requests from drug stores.


The module helps to manage invoices. Create , view edit or delete or print invoices using this panel.


Manage all medicines of the hospital.Create a new medicine category . Edit or delete any medicine category.

Bed Management

Manage beds for patients.Know when a patient is discharged and get automatically notified to expedite bed turnover.

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EagleHMS is a hospital management system that improves healthcare delivery and departmental operations through efficient information management. Information tracking and monitoring is much faster and more reliable across the organization.

Administrators have the information they need in real time. Doctors ,faculties and other staff members are now more effective and accurate while providing care, education and manage their workforce effectively.