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Better Hospital Management
with EagleHMS

Improved Efficiency

EagleHMS combines all operations into one giving real time access to data across all points. HMS reduces number of human hours which increases efficiency and reduces costs exponentially.

OPD and IPD Management (Out Patient and In Patient Department)

EagleHMS helps you prepare OPD and IPD case papers for patients. This module also has a unique feature to view history of the visits which helps doctors to recollect the details of the OPD visit.Manage worksheets for OPD and IPD filled by OPD and IPD staff members.

Enhanced quality of work and patient care

EagleHMS ensures seamless communications between different departments. This increases productivity and improves the quality of work and patient care. All crucial data are accessible anytime anywhere.

Simplified record management

Hospitals have huge amounts of clinical data which is a gold mine when you have a tool to make sense of it.This is where HMS comes into place.HMS allows you to organize huge amounts of clinical data to simplify the record access and update process.

Actionable insights

Track all the metrics of your hospital and branches in real time. A dashboard gives you a hawk eyed view to all your operations and makes it very easy to get case wise reports.

Optimized Departmental Process Automation

Manage patient information across registration, point-of-care, investigations, billing and handle other non medical operational work.

EagleHMS makes Hospital Management paperless, easy, user friendly and time saving




EagleHMS is a hospital management system that improves healthcare delivery and departmental operations through efficient information management. Information tracking and monitoring is much faster and more reliable across the organization.

Administrators have the information they need in real time. Doctors ,faculties and other staff members are now more effective and accurate while providing care, education and manage their workforce effectively.



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